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Car using Fiat 126 components originally designed by an Italian racing driver, Aurelio Bezzi.
It was a sensible sports car for a young driver because although performance was not extraordinary, insurance premiums were low and 60mpg was claimed.

Car was originally designed by an Italian hill climb racing driver Aurelio Bezzi, he emigrated and the car was sold through quite a few companies, the cabrio was developed later by Dash Sportscars.


This unassuming little sports car was a surprise to everyone who drove it. A not particularly inspiring-looking coupé with a 594 cc Fiat 126 engine in the tail might not sound too promising, but Italian ex-racing driver Aurelia Bezzi's MCA was charming in its simplicity. The specification was simple: a steel tube chassis, spearate GRP body panels, two seats and all Fiat 126 parts. After Bezzi emigrated, the little MCA passed to Minari briefly before going to Dash sportscars (pictured is their cabriolet version).
Finally it settled at IPS Development but was discountinued after 1996. "

MCA (1983 - 1996)  

Production info

(1983 - 1988); MCA / Bezzi Cars; Bognor Regis, West Sussex; United Kingdom

(1988 - 1990); Minari Engineering; Ranton, Staffordshire; United Kingdom

(1990 - 1994); Dash Sportscars; Eardisley, Hereford; United Kingdom

(1994 - 1996); IPS Developments; Hadleigh, Suffolk; United Kingdom


the Car

A practical, economical and fun sports car based on the Fiat 126.

Available in both fixed head coupé and cabriolets versions, and can accommodate drivers over 6ft plus a quantity of luggage. Also economical to run, returning 60mpg, ans cheap to insure. Apart from the kit and rusty Fiat 126, all that`s requiered is Escort rear lights, Triumpf door hinges, and trim items.

On-road cost can be as low as £2000-25000. Tuning equipment available.

Kit price £ 1595 + VAT